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 Martin Cox   2016-06-29 09:43:47 

Great to see your photo work, such variety and skill.  Clearly you have a remarkable eye.
 Anne Flanagan   2016-06-03 09:35:59 

You are brilliant.
 Naveen   2014-06-25 17:51:04 

Dearest Patty, how gorgeous your images are!  I have seen some of your work before, but absorbing the broad range of talent you portray on this website is so enriching!  Thanks for your work and talent!
 Terry Crook   2009-06-15 09:31:39 

Hi Pat
Here is another e-mail address. I check the other more often though. Your photos are magnificent!!!
I like the tree photos and the nudes the best , but also the buidings with clouds are fantastic.
 Lisa Christophe   2008-11-01 03:06:38 

Absolutely stunning images! I love them all....and the titles. You are so talented.
 ptboy   2008-08-14 10:37:18 

dear girl,
the photos are very elegant and carefully done
 John Grimes   2008-02-10 18:18:13 


Merci for your poetic words and images! So much to savor, especially the griddy Exit Strategies and softly-wrapped Nudes.

Bravo! Encore! Love!

John and Robin
 Marian Pizzo   2008-02-01 15:43:06 

Your photos are beautiful. I especially loved the nudes with veils.
Wonderful work Patty!  Congratulations, Love Marian
 Lydia   2007-12-16 10:21:10 

Well Patty! It is really great! I agree, the artist statement is so clear and direct, it is touching! Pictures are beautiful, what a good idea to expose them on a website.

Please, do keep it alive!

Lydia and Gerardo (from Spain)
 Minda Tayam   2007-12-11 20:45:52 

How exciting to see your beautiful images!  I especially enjoy the fire escapes and beribboned nudes... and I appreciate your eloquent narrative. Congratulations!

Love, Minda
 Giancarlo Calabrese   2007-12-07 19:50:20 

Such a beautiful site to compliment your gorgeous photographs.

I love the ribbons most of all.

Hugs  Giancarlo

 Iris   2007-12-05 09:44:38 

My dear, the site and the pics are beautiful. I can't stop looking at the exit strategies. You are a maven!
 Debbie Cole   2007-12-04 09:51:08 

Most excellent.  The site looks great - so easy to maneuver.  Your artist statement is clear and thoughtful.  I look forward to the growing possibilities this format affords.  It must be easy to update, yes?
Congratulations, on getting out there.  Really interesting stuff and of course, the images are beautiful.

Love, Debbie
 Ron Kappe   2007-12-03 12:55:22 

Your "exit strategies" portfolio is transcendent and your figurative works definitely evoke the intentions you describe, mysterious and layered. Beautiful work!
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